To accomplish and to follow up this program, there has to be a formation of a : president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. They are called the servants of the family of the Word.


These people need special training on the management, educational and biblical level, to be able to lead this family and liaise with the local church.


Roles of each member

Duties of responsible person (server)

in the Family of the Divine Word


Spiritual advisor

Communicates between members of the family and church authorities.

Enriches spiritual growth of the members: organises and leads spiritual retreats or asks for someone else to do so.

Prepares meetings and signs minutes of meetings issued by the Family.

Accompanies the family and strives to achieve its unity, aims and goals in conjunction with the leader


The leader

Leads the love in the Family and works hard to ensure unity between the members. Deals with the Family matters seriously and wisely.

Invites all servers of the family to meet regularly. Prepares the agenda and leads the meetings.

Organizes with the other servers a program of work ensuring it helps achieve the goals of the Family of the Divine Word. He/she delegates and allocates jobs to members.

Responsible for

-          Archiving meeting and signing all minutes.

-          Reviews all information issued by servers of the Family and signs it after approval.


Vice leader

Helps the leader in managing all matters of The Family. In case of the leader’s absence, the vice has full responsibility.

Takes care of members and works on enriching and strengthening the relationship between them.

Takes the names of people present in each meeting and accepts apologies. He asks about absentees and calls them to check up if they are ok and if they require any help.



Writes minutes of all meetings and files it.

Reads the previous meeting minutes at each meeting and gets approval signatures from members present.

Provides to members any requested documentation if needed.

Archives topics presented in the Family meetings.


Asks the speakers to present an electronic copy of the content of the topic presented to the Family.

File all correspondence in special file to simplify preparation of periodical magazine.

Make available educational and spiritual movies (for all ages) to be viewed in the church hall.

Manages the library


Records and Keeps up to date all Family financial transactions

Pays bills and keeps safe The Family money.

He/she cannot spend any amount of money without approval and signature of the whole committee of the Family

Is responsible for all financial matters: transport, accommodation for retreats, food etc

Provides a detailed financial report to the whole committee at least once a month and whenever necessary.

Two supportive and helping members




Help with all committee projects and whenever necessary.


Special helpers of treasurer and librarian.


All members of the responsible committee have to attend periodical meetings that the committee organizes, and whenever they can’t they have to inform the committee beforehand.