The church from its beginning relied and was built on the word of the Lord and this word was the fountain, the word helped the church to grow in faith, hope and love, and it was the solution for any problem and provided all the answers.... so is the case in our Christian community today that is in need to go back to this live fountain that gives life to the community and makes it grow in holiness and find solution for all its problems.

Following the steps of the mother church and its teachings, there we find the purpose of establishing the family of Divine Word and in summary it is:


  • Deepening of "knowledge of Jesus Christ"
  • Learning the holy word, by practising how to read the word of God, contemplating in its content, striving to live it, being rich from its treasures and being a witness to it.
  • Distribute the word of the Lord and glorify it as commanded to us by our mother church.
  • Continue living the holy word in our life and in our families so they grow closer to Jesus, with him and for Him.
  • Activation of the universal work and contribution to the unity of the church (people attending are from different churches: Orthodox, Assyrian, Catholic, Maronite, Chaldean, ...)